About Me:

Date of Birth: 01/05/2004

Gender: Male.

Blood Group: A+

Permanent address:

Present address:


2. House: Dampara Police Line, Chattogram.

Educational Qualification:

1.School: Nasirabad Govt. High School(Chattogram).

2.College:Hazera-Taju College(Chattagram).

3. Group: Science.


Hi! I’m Muhammad Junayed Uddin. I’m a learner​. Now I am doing compete with myself to learn something new. Moreover, I also learning design and development. I’m very conscious of my work. Because my work is my life. I always try properly utilize my time. Because time is an essential thing for every human. So we should adequately use our time. I know I’m a tiny person in the whole world, but I try to do better working from my position. Inshallah, one time...........

Thank you, my dear friends.

Regards to all. 

Junayed Uddin

Country: Bangladesh

City: Chattagram

Age: 19

Phone: 01974821570

Email: mijunayeduddin@gmail.com